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HBO Corporate Headquarters

HBO Corporate Headquarters

The Air conditioning units at different locations of Estée Lauder Companies:: Envision for BACtalk provides
quick, comprehensive views and helps the engineers check the system status in a glance and provide
corrective response without delay.

Launched in November 1972, Home Box Office (HBO) is a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. (TWE) that provides two 24-hour premium TV services, HBO and Cinemax, to subscribers across the United States via cable, C-band satellite, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) and microwave (MMDS). Its corporate office is headquartered at 1100 Avenue of Americas. To upgrade and manage the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system at their corporate headquarters, HBO chose ABM Systems Inc., Alerton’s
ABM Systems Inc. had upgraded the existing base building pneumatic air-conditioning system controls with Alerton Ibex DDC controls. ABM Systems Inc. has recently upgraded to Alerton Envision for BACtalk based Building Automation System (BAS) that updated the previously installed Alerton controls throughout the building. Remote access through the Internet using a standard WEB browser permits key personnel the ability to quickly respond to after hour alarms to determine the appropriate response needed.

    Project Highlights:

    Facilities: Estée Lauder Companies located at
    Site A: 767, 5th Avenue, NY
    Site B: 65 Bleecker Street, NY
    Site C: 655 Madison Avenue, NY
    Site D: 575 Broadway, NY and
    Site E: 130 Prince Street, NY

    Use: Commercial Office Building
    Controlled Systems:
    Individual Floor Air Conditioning Units at Different Locations/li>
    Rooftop Unit Controls at 65 Bleecker Street
    Boiler Based Heating System at 130 Prince Street
    Critical Equipment Room Monitoring and Lighting Control at 575 Broadway
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